Cinnamon Design Studio


We Are

Divya Gulechha Chief Architect

Divya is the principal architect and the founder of Cinnamon Design Studio. With a Master’s in Architectural design from the Mies Foundation in Barcelona, her designs are primarily based on the harmony of the built environment with that of the natural elements.

Having said that, her key architectural derivatives and elements are deep rooted in the design solutions of Indian architectural practices-both ancient and contemporary.

Her primary inspirations include the likes of architects Geoffrey bawa, Laurie Baker and Charles Correa on home ground and Bjarke Ingels and Frank Lloyd Wright outside the Indian subcontinent.

Among other things, Divya has a keen interest in the history and present condition of her city of Hyderabad and actively documents a lot of nitty gritties of everyday life in her city.

Nidhi Reddy Architect

Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Nidhi did her Bachelors from School of Architecture, SRM University in Chennai. She is an avid reader, traveller, dog-lover and chocoholic. She hates clutter and likes clean lines and that spills over into her design sense. She did her graduate internship with Ameya Design, specialising in the medical sector. Her thesis revolved around uplifting the economy of a B-grade town using business tourism.


Suhasini Patel Architect


From the historic city of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Suhasini Patel is new to our city and firm. Spontaneous, driven and fun loving, she is a quick learner and an easy colleague. With a fondness for curves, she and her designs refuse to be confined in a box. She completed her internship programme in Mumbai and Vadodara and spent her days exploring the city and learning from it.