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Divya Gulechha Chief Architect

Nidhi Reddy


Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Nidhi did her Bachelors from School of Architecture, SRM University in Chennai. She is an avid reader, traveller, dog-lover and chocoholic. She hates clutter and likes clean lines and that spills over into her design sense. She did her graduate internship with Ameya Design, specialising in the medical sector. Her thesis revolved around uplifting the economy of a B-grade town using business tourism.


Suhasini Patel


From the historic city of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Suhasini Patel is new to our city and firm. Spontaneous, driven and fun loving, she is a quick learner and an easy colleague. With a fondness for curves, she and her designs refuse to be confined in a box. She completed her internship programme in Mumbai and Vadodara and spent her days exploring the city and learning from it.

Aaqib Iqbal




Graduating from the Deccan school of planning and architecture, Aaqib is completing his internship with Cinnamon Design Studio. He is optimistic and hardworking and brings a cheer to the studio. His interests lie in travelling , research and biopic movies.His thesis was an institution for management studies inspired by his favourite project, IIM Ahmedabad.

Hibatullah Mohiuddin

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Graduating soon from SVCA, Hyderabad and currently working as an intern at cinnamon design studio. Skilled in prioritising, collocating and assisting daily project tasks. A proficient communicator and an avid reader. Architecture for her is a visual art where she strives to give an elucidation of the smallest detail and assemble lives where she can suffice a notion of raison d’être.